Groupees Agrees to Take Over Bundle in a Box

Having already kept the Bundle In A Box site alive for a year without launching a new bundle, Kyttaro Games has been looking for a solution for all the people who had loved our bundles and didn’t want to lose their games. Yes, we know, DRM-free games can always be downloaded and stored and many of our dear bundlers did this, but we needed something more permanent. And we found it! And no, we are not shutting the site down.

The lovely people of Groupees have volunteered to run Bundle In A Box themselves and try to keep its indie loving, DRM-free spirit alive and we happily handed them BIAB over.

For now, all the data, games and codes will remain on our servers and thus accessible the same way they have always been. Groupees, on the other hand, will be running new BIAB bundles on their site and eventually migrating everything to their servers, effectively merging BIAB into Groupees.

As for us, the Kyttaro Games (twitter, facebook) team, we hope everyone is satisfied with this solution. We did our best and are now confident we have found the perfect team to carry on our work. It’s time for us to focus on making games; an epic and wildly different RPG (with some amazing indie collaborators) for example.

Thanks for staying with us and enjoy the new Bundle In A Box!


Press Release:

Groupees Agrees to Take Over Bundle in a Box

Groupees will host Bundle in a Box accounts and run future Bundle in a Box Bundles

Portland OR USA, November 13, 2014: Groupees and Kyttaro Games have reached an agreement for Groupees to take over responsibility for the Bundle in a Box Bundle. Groupees plans to migrate all existing Bundle in a Box accounts to, as well as offer future Bundle in a Box promotions at

“We are honored to keep the spirit of what Kyttaro Games created with Bundle in a Box alive and well,” said Thomas Brooke, Groupees’ Founder and CEO. “In a segment of the industry that has devolved somewhat into a race to the bottom, Bundle in a Box always stood for something more. Their commitment to shining the light on indie games and supporting indie development with their Indie Dev Grant should be commended. We look forward to continuing to support Kyttaro Games’ vision in future Bundle in a Box promotions offered at”

“We are very pleased, as this deal with Groupees will allow Bundle in a Box to keep going and keep on supporting indie gaming,” said Konstantinos Dimopoulos. “We see Groupees as a real innovator in this space, and their community-first focus and understanding of the indie spirit makes them the perfect home for Bundle in a Box. For Groupees, like us, it was never about offering games at a cheap price. We look forward to watching Groupees continue to grow and for Bundle in a Box to be a part of its bright future.”

The Bundle in a Box website and customer accounts will be maintained until Groupees completes account and file migration. No official date has been set but the process is expected to be completed in Q1 of 2015. Further information about the process will be provided through Groupees and Bundle in a Box’s Facebook and Twitter channels.

About Groupees LLC. Groupees offers at its website,, Pay What You Want bundle promotions featuring video games, music, comics, ebooks and films. Groupees has processed over 1,500,000 bundle purchases over the past 2 years.

About Kyttaro Games. Kyttaro Games,, created the Bundle In A Box indie gaming bundle and has released Droidscape: Basilica and Droidscape on iOS. It’s currently working with a select team of indie developers on a still unannounced RPG.

This is the end…

Most of you must have guessed this was going to happen, but the time has come to make things official: the Bundle In A Box bundle will be shutting down in one month from now (on the 8th of August 2014). And no, no more bundles will ever be released by us.

So, please, do make sure you’ve downloaded all your games and grabbed all your codes by then, as everything will be taken offline on 8.8.2014.

Having covered this, let us now thank you all for all your love and support and for letting us, the Kyttaro Games team, attempt to do something we really loved, while getting to meet and work with some amazing, creative people. Thank you!

We are very proud of the fact that we managed to help more than a few indie developers via the Indie Dev Grant and that we brought you some of the best indie offerings around. We are also extremely happy that we worked with Jonas and Verena Kyratzes, Robb Fearon, Robb Sherwin, Zayne Black and other brilliant devs in order to debut their terrific games via our bundle, while continuously supporting important charities.

Sadly, though, all good things must come to an end. Bundle In A Box, you see, was never really profitable (the opposite, actually) and it did require thousands of essentially unpaid hours of work. Also, with the way the whole bundle phenomenon evolved, it was becoming more than obvious that the survival chances of a purely indie attempt that didn’t happen every other day simply weren’t there.

Still, we did try a few things and ideas before deciding to close the bundle down, but they just didn’t work…

So, that’s it, really. It was quite a ride and we thank you all!

Also, we’ll be focusing all of our efforts in creating games, with rumours already speaking of an immense, innovative and wildly ambitious RPG. You could always sign-up to the Kyttaro Games newsletter and keep in touch; you can still find it on the BIAB page and scrolling down would definitely help :)

Our very best,

The Kyttaro Games Team

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land Steam keys and DLC

Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land has just been launched on Steam ( and everyone who grabbed the DRM-free version of the game via our BIAB Indie RPG Bundle has been assigned a nice, free Steam key for the game. See? Beating the average always has its perks!

Find the key for the game on your personal downloads page!

Oh, and this particular version of the Lovecraftian WWI strategy/RPG, besides some graphical improvements, comes complete with the “Kaul’s Diary” DLC.

The Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle is Over

Dear gamers, happy holidays! In other news, the Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle by Bundle In A Box and the Ordinary Gamer is now over and we thank you for your support. We do hope you enjoyed it too!

We will soon be announcing the winner of the Indie Dev Grant!

Oh, and do keep an eye on Bundle In A Box bundles by subscribing to our newsletter and following us via this very blog, facebookgoogle plus and twitter. We also have those handy Steam and Desura Groups.

The Indie Ordinary (Charity) Bundle is LIVE!

Having teamed up with the wise Ordinary Gamer and in order to support the important AbleGamer Charity with 30% of our net earnings, Bundle In A Box returns with its latest and impressively varied bundle: The Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle! An excellent, eclectic and properly indie selection of 11 great games everyone can savour for the most reasonable price of “pay-what-you-want”!

Pay anything above $1.99 and enjoy:

One Finger Death Punch (Windows/Desura): stylized and frantic kung fu fighting game.

QbQbQb (Windows , Mac, Linux/Desura): the musical arcade puzzler that evolves as you play it.

Saviors (Windows/ Desura): 3D scrolling shmup sporting some spectacular pyrotechnics.

Cognition: Episode 1 (Windows,Mac/Steam, Desura): a Jane Jensen powered point-and-click thriller.

Slender 5 Pages (Windows): horror and Slenderman done in pixel-art.


Beat the average price and you will also get to play with:

Rooks Keep (Windows/Desura): a fantasy melee arena brawler.

Isaac The Adventurer (Windows/Desura):  a fresh 3D platformer.

Cognition: Episode 2 (Windows, Mac/Steam, Desura): the continuation of the dark adventure series.

Hairy Tales (Windows,Mac/Desura): a stunning and smart 3D action puzzler.

Along Came A Spider (Windows/Desura): demented physics based arcade offering starring a spider.

The Grave Digger (Windows, Linux/Desura): very British, very grim and very funny.

As always, for every 100 bundles sold $15 will be added to our Indie Dev Grant and the whole sum will be awarded to a developer selected by vote; no strings will be attached as to how the grant will be used. So, please, do not forget to vote! Also, 30% of our net revenue will be shared with the AbleGamers Charity.

The bundle, the eight effort of Kyttaro Games (and, this time, of the Ordinary Gamer too) to promote indie creators and quality games, will last for 21 days and offer its games as DRM-free downloads (but not exclusively so; most games are also available on Desura and/or Steam), while supporting Windows, Mac and Linux. GRAB IT! And do please help us spread the word too, as the more bundles we sell, the more extra content will be unlocked!