IDG Nominee: TRI

[The BIAB Blog is presenting the Indie Dev Grant nominees that Bundle In A Box will be funding. Voting for the IDG winner will begin as soon as the Cerebral Bundle bundle goes live.]

The Project:

TRI will be a first-person game with environmental puzzles; it is inspired
by great games like “Portal”, “Thief” and “Zelda”. The main gameplay
consists of creating triangles to move around, connecting platforms,
walking on walls, reflecting light rays and following strange floating
creatures in a mindbending 3D environment.

The Team:

Rat King Entertainment, a small game dev company with two members, was
founded in 2011. So far they created two commercial games, Pitman and
Tumblox, for Windows/Mac and iOS devices. They mainly work with Photoshop,
3dsmax, Unity and sometimes Haxe, and often they love to participate in
game jams like Ludum Dare and the Global Game Jam.

The Video:

The Demo:

The Site:

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